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Let's nourish our body, mind & soul
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I believe fantasies and desires are something to be celebrated

This culture sometimes makes us think our deepest innermost desires or shameful, silly or a waste of time. That’s definitely not true!

01. We all have secret unfulfilled desires
02. Listening to them can be empowering

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Our events and seminars are designed for females who are curious about being submissive and who seek to improve the state of their bodies, minds, and souls. No prior experience is required.


What They Say

I have to confess that when I first sent an email on this site, I didn’t even expect a reply. It was just something I did on a lark. Imagine my surprise when I got a very thoughtful response from Scott Tomas that totally validated me and took me seriously. And that was just the beginning. Thank you so much for all your hard work regarding our well-being!

Linda S

Linda S

Dental Hygienist

I stumbled on this site completely by chance and I can’t believe how much it helped me get clarity. I’d been carrying around all sorts of misconceptions that were holding me back. Now I understand that my desires are my friend, not dark and murky feelings to be avoided and pushed down.

Annabelle M

Annabelle M

Grad student

Scott Tomas helped me bust so many myths that were preventing me from following my heart. I finally feel like I’m living the life I’m meant to be living! I look forward to more of our meetings soon!

Jennifer Lee

Jennifer Lee

Yoga Teacher
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