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Hi, my name is Scott Tomas and I'm just another dude. I don't hold a fancy license or degree, I'm not a player or a BDSM Master, and I don't have tons of real-life experience. What I am good at is helping submissive females explore their deepest innermost desires. Drop me a line if you want to start a dialogue or scroll down to learn a bit more about me.

    Let's nourish our body, mind & soul
    start a dialogue

    I believe fantasies and desires are something to be celebrated

    This culture sometimes makes us think our deepest innermost desires or shameful, silly or a waste of time. That’s definitely not true!

    01. We all have secret unfulfilled desires
    02. Listening to them can be empowering

    Find your way to a better self

    Of all the many variants of human sexuality, the concept of submission is quite possibly the most misunderstood. This is likely because we evolved under the auspices of a patriarchal society. Thankfully, that era may finally be coming to a close. What we are starting to understand is that submission and domination are not two opposing and unequal forces, but rather equally vital parts of one circle of life.

    What Is Possible?

    Filling your deepest self
    with love and inspiration.

    - Scott Tomas

    Just Another Dude